I knew from the start... 
Friday, October 23, 2009, 13:46
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Say hello to my little friend...

At least until my landlord changes that whole, 'no deer in the top flat' rule.

Visit Caravan for more creatures, including THE duck, which was a major part of my high school years... Bushywood Road, what what!

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See them as they work, see them as they sleep 
Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 20:02
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Last week I told you about the Giles x Caramel Bunny collection, yes? Well in further bunny adventures, last night was the launch party for el Bun's next big surprise... the launch of the Nibbles Pop Up Shop and the unveiling of a snazzy scarf designed by Mr Giles Deacon himself (see above!). The pop up Nibbles Boutique in Covent Garden is window shopping only, but the scarf? Hmmmm the scarf will be available in a very special way very soon... keep them eyes peeled because it's seriously nice. It has CARTOON EYES on it, which is enough to slay me.

Anyway, party time. Giles made an excellent host and his DJing skills were top notch. Normally at these things the music's pretty piss poor but I was very impressed with his musical choices (not just the booze talking either, I was still hungover from Monday and only managed a couple... honest, I was home for Don't Tell The Bride. She was a bitch. As ever). My highlight of the evening was almost hitting Giles in the face with my coat (he apologised?) and getting a good look at Henry Conway's fur coat. Oh and also eating two packs of Nibbles on the walk home and feeling a bit sick. They're damn tasty, but don't eat as many as a pigglet like me.

Keep checking back for more on the mystery scarf news....

[Pic c/o Fashion-Stylist.net and Bunny's Facebook]

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Think I'll bury myself deep beneath the ground and come up only when there's no one else around 
Sunday, October 18, 2009, 19:38
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(drunk or hungover in Munich a few years ago...)

Back in the dark old days of this blog, I wrote about my Hudson's Bay Point Blanket Coat that I picked up for a few quid at some charity shop. After today's events (more on which to come), I figured I'd reprise the post. Although I can't find the original, so it's less a reprise, more a whole new one.

Hudson's Bay Point Blankets have a long and fairly interesting history. I was going to attempt to tell you, but let's face it, I'd just be copying and pasting and rewording from another website so let's cut out the middle man. Read the whole stripy story here on the official website. Done? So basically Hudson's Bay is a classic piece of Canadian fashion history (is there more? You tell me) and it's quite hard to get hold of the originals these days. They're worth a little bit too -- although not to the shop in Sheffield where I got mine, evidently. I didn't realise the value (or the history) until I'd owned it for a year or two and was bored temping. I decided to Google it 'cos the label was big and fancy and looked interesting. After learning the Hudson's story, I aged it through this fan site (no really)... all evidence points to mine being from somewhere between 1934 and 1940. Neat! Still, there's no value in it for me other than it being super warm and colourful.

That wasn't the historical post I had planned. I bailed, I admit it.

Anyway... Today a Canadian woman chased me through the market, eyes wild. 'IS THAT A HUDSON'S BAY?????' she asked (with that many question marks in her voice). I guessed what was coming and I was kinda in a hurry, but I humoured her and told her that yes, indeed it was. I told her I knew they were special but she still wanted to chat. I'm pretty bad mannered but I stuck it out while she told me what a treat it was to see one. She was pretty excited by the news it cost me a tenner and told me how pricey they were (if you can find them) back home. $500 she said, although I think that may have been a lie. Or was it an offer? Thanks, lady! I'm glad I made your day, although I was pretty mad at the time that you held me up.

All images thanks to the Hudson's Bay Company Heritage Site. I love you!

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I stop and I stare too much 
Wednesday, October 14, 2009, 21:40
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Chino Moreno from the Deftones is as famous for his stripy tube socks as he is for his tummy and facial hair. And music. My boyfriend is probably more in love with Chino than he is with me so it's pretty much a given that CHINO SOX (no, really, click away) are going straight to the top of his Christmas present list. From what I gather, they're basically $18 tube socks that say 'Chino' on them, but who cares, it's Christmas.

Pic: Monitorpop

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Public Service Announcement 
Tuesday, October 13, 2009, 20:04
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!!! Now operating from plain ol' www.rachaelgibson.co.uk !!!

That's all. Update your links/bookmarks/toilet wall graffiti...

[Pic: Supabomba]

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